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Freight Forwarder Pricing

The most obvious of freight forwarder fees, the air freight or ocean freight forwarder price depends on several factors, including the physical size of your export (the dimensions), the origin of the shipment, and the destination

Air &
Ocean Freight

You want your package to be
delivered quickly?
Or is it a heavy shipment?
We give you a customized plan,
tailored to meet your needs.


This could be the tricky part!
Whatever your package is,
Freight Forwarder Canada has the expertise
and channels to get it cleared.
Even sex toys 😉


This could be the tricky part! 
Whatever your package is,
At the end of the day you
run a business to make money, we get it!
That’s why we minimized our profit,
so you pay the least on shipment.

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    Our Benefits

    We have chosen the most secure way for you so that you will have 30 days to cancel your payment in case anything went wrong.

    Time is the most valuable asset we have these days. It is for that importance that we offer the fastest time to market.

    At the end of the day money is the end goal for all businesses. You won't believe our rates until after receiving your first quote!






    Lowest Price


    Amazon FBA Experts

    Why Us

    We have simplified the entire progress. We pick up your shipment from your manufacturer anywhere in China, and put it wherever you want. Wether its Amazon's warehouse, it your company's warehouse, or even if its your house! It doesn't matter the size of the shipment, or even the type of the shipment. As long as they are legal, we will ship it for you, and deal with your custom clearance. We will do all the hard work so that you can sit back, relax and focus on the other aspects of your business while we take care of everything with your shipping at the most cost efficient way. You won't believe our rates until after you receive a quote from us.

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